Megachurch donates $500K to mission-oriented organizations ahead of the new year

Megachurch in Alabama donated nearly $500,000 to five mission-oriented organizations.

Megachurch donates $500K to mission-oriented organizations ahead of the new year

Bishop Van Moody is an influential African American church leader. During a Dec. 23 service at the Worship Center Christian Church’s Derby campus, he announced that the nondenominational ministry was giving $95,000 to five mostly local nonprofits.

These organizations serve women, children and the incarcerated.

‘More blessed to give than receive’

Under the premise ‘More blessed to give than receive’, the megachurch gave the donation to the following organizations:

  1. The Children’s Village, a group home for siblings.

2. The Lovelady Center, a prison reentry and drug rehabilitation program.

3. Maranathan Academy, a private school working with at-risk youth.

4. Einstein’s Playground, which provides early childhood education and a summer program for young children.

5. The United Negro College Fund.

“I pray that you also don’t miss the lesson that the real meaning of Christmas is that it is more blessed to give than to receive,” Moody told the churchgoers at the service.

Bishop Moody explained that the ministry began a process last March of setting aside 10 percent of tithes, donations and offerings given to the church. That money was put into a separate bank account.

“The tithe is holy unto the Lord,” Moody said. “God promises that if we put Him first and set aside that 10 percent, that He will take care of the rest.”

“So to all of these organizations, we are presenting a check to each one of you today for $95,000,” he said, adding that the organizations receiving the donations “embody much of what we believe as a ministry.”

Source: The Christian Post

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