Man shares a daily video of his wife’s fight against Coronavirus

Chinese filmmaker Hai Tang has posted a video every day, showing the progress of his wife, who was diagnosed with coronavirus and fights the disease from her own home.

Li Ting, is a nurse based in Wuhan, who contracted coronavirus.
Li Ting, is a nurse based in Wuhan, who contracted coronavirus.

Although Tang’s wife contracted the virus and they both live under the same roof, he is free of the disease.

The couple resides in Wuhan, the chinese city that has become the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic.

The filmmaker began publishing daily videos on YouTube, where he documents the medical evolution of his wife Li Ting; who is a nurse in the emergency department of that city.

In the first video, posted on January 31, Tang reports that Li Ting

“We can face this together”

“I never thought this could happen to my wife, but now that it’s happening, I want to keep a positive attitude,” he says in the video.

Hai Tang posts a video every day, showing the public the progress of his wife who fights the disease from home. Normally, her condition is stable, although sometimes she suffers some lapses of fever.

Meanwhile, Tang

In order to clean the bedroom where Li Ting sleeps, he wears an insulating suit that must be disinfected before taking it off.

In some of the episodes you can see how Tang goes out to the market to buy food. He explains that the population continues with their normal lives, except that they now wear face masks.

“I make this video because I want to document the process of our fight against the coronavirus and I want to encourage my wife not to be worried. We can face it together. I also want to encourage all those people who have been detected. Do not be afraid. I’m sure we can overcome this,” he says in one of the videos.

His videos have thousands of views and he has hundreds of support comments from several users for him and his wife.

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