Man left behind 30 years of witchcraft and gave himself to Christ during evangelistic crusade

After practicing witchcraft for 30 years, Ali Kirunda decided to give his life to Christ in the midst of an evangelical crusade in Uganda.

Ali Kirunda, went up to the altar in the company of his son, Ali Kakaire, carrying a chicken without feathers and a snake.

All the objects he used to do his rituals destroyed them on the altar set for the event.

Pastor Robert Kayanja

“I’ve seen a lot of witchcraft since the beginning of this revival, but I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Robert Kayanja, pastor of Miracle Center Cathedral.


Kirunda: tied to a snake and a chicken by a spell

People did efforts to kill the chicken Kirunda had but it did not want to die, it ran from side to side with laces tied to its neck and Kirunda´s. But everything ended when the pastor separated them.

According to the information given by the church that made the crusade, Kirunda had never taken a bath in 30 years.

The witchcraft that Kirunda used did not allow him to take a bath but to splash himself with a little river water.

“The spirits would not let him bathe, he could only spill a little water when he went to the lake, which is believed to be spirit water,” said members of the evangelistic crusade.

Delivered after 30 years practicing witchcraft

This man was free from everything he had been doing for years and was consuming his life, he was able to receive a bath and be received inside Pastor Kayanja’s church, in addition to having Christ in his heart.

Pastor Kayanja said that in Uganda more than 6 million people believe in witchcraft and that this is the largest captivity in the country.

“Liberating Africa from slavery requires an awakening and a total transformation of the mind and the way we do things. It is necessary to listen to God every step of the way, ”said the pastor.

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