Luis Palau shares miracolous recovery: ‘All tumors have shrunk by one-third’


In January, the evangelist Luis Palau and his two sons joined together to make the shocking announcement of  stage  4 lung cancer diagnosis.

In a recent update, however, the minister testified that his doctors are shocked by the results of his recent test results.

On his Facebook page Palau wrote:”We had a very encouraging meeting with the doctors this morning regarding my chemotherapy treatment. After two months of therapy for Stage 4 lung cancer, the doctors were amazed at the results from the recent CT scan and blood work.”

Besides that, he also explained.”All tumors had shrunk by one-third! No new growth of the tumors whatsoever. All fluid around my lungs was resolved. Blood work looked good,”

The results were so uncommon for someone with stage four cancer that Palau said the doctors were stunned and the family is giving glory to God.

“Although results have been encouraging, amazing really, it’s not easy on the body. Pray for continued strength and peace. It is still a battle. The outcome is still unknown. We take it one day at a time, trusting the Lord. But today we are very encouraged! Thank you for your prayers!” Palau concluded

The Palau family and team are very encouraged by the results and are asking for continued prayers as they step into the next round of chemotherapy treatment.

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