Lotz: Trump’s Syria pull back could set up war prophesied in Ezekiel 38

Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz is the daughter of the late Billy Graham.  Last Wednesday, she appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show“.

During the show, Lotz gave her point of view related to President Trump’s decision to pull back U.S. troops in Northern Syria.

Bakker asked Lotz to comment on Trump’s decision and she said: “Who knows what is going on over there?”

However, she shared her point of view affirming that she believes that “God placed Trump in office“. Besides that, she also believes that “God has used him in an amazing way to stand up for life, for the nation of Israel, and to appoint judges.”

But because I believe God has used Trump, whether he really knows it or not, I believe like King Cyrus or others in the Old Testament, Nebuchadnezzar, God uses them,” Lotz explained.

So I thought, ‘Has God caused Trump to go against all of his advisers, all of the military people and done something that God wanted him to do, whether he knows it is God or not?’

Maybe [he is] just bullheaded or stubborn or somebody rubbed him wrong. But anyway, he pulled us out.”

Lotz explained that although she is not a prophecy expert, the decision of President Trump could set up a war that has not yet taken place prophesied in Ezekiel 38

I am not a prophecy expert, but I feel like some of that chapter mixes it up with Armageddon. You know how prophecy does. You can have a verse about this and next verse about another one, but it all seems to go together,she said.


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