“La Chilindrina” provides tips to prevent child sexual abuse in the midst of confinement

“La Chilindrina”, as she is known for her role in the series “El Chavo del 8”, provides advice to minors to prevent child sexual abuse in the midst of isolation.

María Antonieta de las Nieves, better known as “La Chilindrina”

María Antonieta de las Nieves, mexican actress, said “I have accepted FundaJoven’s invitation. This is a foundation that exists in Paraguay, it is something wonderful, it is to make the children understand why they have to take care of sexual abuse. And it is something very difficult for us children to talk about and for the parents as well, and this helps the children and the parents.”

“Yo amo a la familia” (I Love the Family) is a children’s book written in Paraguay by the actress in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Science. The House of Senators declared the story to be “of general interest.”

The president of the Foundation “FundaJoven” who also participated in the initiative and expressed about the situation of child abuse: “More than ever we must be alert to possible cases of child sexual abuse, more in times of isolation where the minor could be living with the abuser in his own home”.

Through this educational material, ‘La Chilindrina’ provides practical advice for children and parents. Among the topics covered in the book are: My body, parts of my body and their care, good and bad caresses, good and bad secrets, and the importance of family.

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