Kanye West Releases ‘Jesus Is Born Album’ on Christmas Day

Rapper Kanye West continues giving surprises. On Christmas Day, the rapper made headlines again when releasing a new gospel album. Its name is Jesus is Born.

Kanye West Releases ‘Jesus Is Born’ Album on Christmas Day

The famous singer avoided to put his name on the album. Instead, the star released it under the name of Sunday Service. He made the announcement through Twitter.


“Jesus is born” album

This album has 19 tracks including one called “Revelations 19:1”. Besides, it contains another called “Father Stretch.”

In October, the Grammy winner announced the project would be released on Dec. 25, but there were skeptics since West has earned a reputation for missing previously announced project drop dates.

As USA Today reported, Rolling Stone mocked the timeline saying, “the announcement that he’ll deliver a Sunday Service album by Christmas remains the most ludicrous part of the entire discussion.”

But against all odds, the rapper accomplished his goal by releasing the album according to the date he had previously announced.

The album generated lots of comments. Moreover to the fact that it was delivered on time, prompting USA Today to call it a “Christmas Miracle.”

There is no doubt that the singer made a revolution through his Sunday service events.

Recently, he held one of those famous services at Joel Osteen’s mega church, Lakewood Church, in Houston. That performance took place before the rapper launched his opera “Nebuchadnezzar”.

West continues on the gospel theme. He also released a second opera called “Mary.”  It was launched earlier this month.

Source: Christian Headlines

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