Justin Bieber’s mother reveals that she gave her life to Jesus after attempting suicide


Long before Justin Bieber made headlines around the world for his devotion to God.

The singer’s mother already gave testimonies about her Christian faith and her conviction that at some point her son would give himself up to Jesus.

Now, Pattie Mallette revealed details of when the child was born and she consecrated it to God.

Pattie and Justin are Canadians, and she was converted to the Gospel during the Toronto Blessing Pentecostal movement, which during the 1990s mobilized crowds in the country, led by Pastors John and Carol Arnott.

At the time, single, Pattie faced severe problems and attempted suicide. In the hospital, she was evangelized and gave her life to Jesus, going to frequent the church where John and Carol were leaders.

According to information from the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) station, Justin Bieber’s mother said during the ‘fire the new’ event, with more than three thousand people in the audience, ‘My spiritual father and  mother, John and Carol Arnott, lifted me up. I remember giving my life to Jesus in a hospital room after having tried to commit suicide,’ she recalled.

During her first steps in the Christian journey, Pattie became pregnant outside of marriage and felt ashamed, believing that she could not return to church. However, the Vineyard congregation at the Toronto airport welcomed her, expressing that they were not willing to give up on her.

‘You taught them to love me where I was,’ Pattie said looking at John and Carol. ‘I remember coming here in 1994, when I was staying in a house of single and pregnant mothers. I remember the leaders of the church praying for me and prophesying that [my baby] be born in the revival, ‘he added.

As she felt more confident about the future, she put a purpose in her heart, and when her son was born, she handed him over to God: ‘When Justin was born, I dedicated him to Jesus. A lot of things happened since then, but I have remained serving the Lord, ‘he said.

Now, Pattie Mallette’s perseverance is being rewarded, and she said she heard the Lord: ‘You did it for a long time. Move. It’s my turn. I’m going to show you how it’s done. ‘

‘Many use the name of God and say: ‘Thank God, thank God’, but he [Justin] says: ‘Jesus loves you. Jesus, Jesus, ‘said Pattie, commenting on her son’s initiative to use social networks to announce the Gospel that is transforming him.

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