Justin Bieber leads Christian church worship in the midst of his terrible illness

Trying to get away from scandals and controversy and seek God, singer Justin Bieber led the worship in a Christian church in Beverly Hills, USA.

Bieber sang several songs, submerged in the presence of God.
Bieber sang several songs, submerged in the presence of God.

Churchome, led by Pastor Judah Smith, sis said to have been Bieber’s spiritual home for 8 years, and this is the first time he has directed church worship with a style much like Kanye West’s.

After singing several songs, Justin broke down and took the time to say thank you for support received from Smith, as well as some inspiring words like “There is power in your weakness and in being vulnerable.”

At the end of the worship, Bieber expressed that he had not made this decision because he did not want to be taken as a show, his pastor went up to tell his story and the things that God has done to keep him standing.

While listening to Justin worshipping God, many were crying and even the pastor, who said a powerful phrase: “Justin, you’re a miracle! You would never have done it without Jesus!”

His vulnerability has become more noticeable after the singer made the announcement that he suffers from Lyme disease, which was diagnosed on him last year, and with which he has faced.

In this post he talks about the disease he suffers:

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