Japan records heavy flooding in the last 24 hours leaving people dead and missing

Landslides and flooding were reported in Japan on Saturday as a result of heavy rains that hit several communities.

The authorities have sent all kinds of reinforcements and help to control the contingency.

A dozen dead, 10 missing and more are trapped on the roofs of their homes awaiting rescue by authorities.

Some 75,000 residents of Kumamoto and Kagoshima provinces were urged to evacuate the areas because of heavy rains there, it was not mandatory but some fled from what was coming.

“I smelled mud, and the whole area vibrated with river water. I had never experienced anything like it,” one of the local residents told NHK TV.

Submerged in muddy water, Hitoyoshi City in Kumamoto was flooded, and even cars were completely covered by the water.

Ikuo Kabashima, governor of the province, announced that an old people’s home was flooded and that most of the residents died. Only three were saved, but they have hypothermia.

In other places, there are people who are buried alive and others waiting for help from the Japanese Self-Defense Force who have already been sent to their rescue.

Further afield, several helicopters are rescuing people on the roofs of houses, others have been transported by boat.

With the storm, power was cut off and at least 8,000 Hitoyoshi homes were reported to be without electricity.

An “extraordinary rain” alert had already been issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency, but the rain dropped and rose again within hours.

10,000 defence troops have already been mobilised to the most affected areas.

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