Jaci Velasquez tells how her son’s autism tested her faith in God

The singer Jaci Velasquez talked about her personal life. She mentioned the hard situations she went through and how she overcame all that.

Jaci Velasquez tells how her son’s autism tested her faith in God

She faced early fame difficulties, a failed marriage and the challenges that come with having a child with autism.

Due to all that she has dealt with she affirms that “nobody has it all together”.

She told the Christian post: “If we all act like we have it all put together and have it all together like our Instagram posts, make it look like we have, who can relate to that? Because nobody has it all together.

It’s actually a collection of stories. Some failures, some joy, some fears, some things that I thought would be helpful for others to make them feel like they are not alone, if you will, to help them understand that sometimes I am guilty and we are guilty of confusing our dreams with God’s dreams and confusing our vision with God’s calling. And sometimes our poor choices take us off track,” she explained.

The singer stated that God can turn poor choices into something beautiful.

But God and His goodness and His redeeming way can take those missteps, those poor choices, those mistakes, and He can receive them and make them beautiful, and make it to where you say, ‘Oh, wow, You do make beauty from ashes.'”

The singer told The Christian Post that when her oldest son was diagnosed as being autistic, she got angry. She got angry with God.

The singer mentioned that she prayed over her stomach when she was pregnant and always felt the assurance that her son would have a ministry. So she found it hard to reconcile the fact that he had autism.

What happened?

Velasquez revealed that God asked her to fight the good fight of faith for her son and his future. She mentioned that once she decided to stop being angry with God everything changed.

When I stopped being angry, it was like God said, ‘OK, time to stand up, dust yourself off, you got it all out. Now, I need you to fight. You have to fight for your child. You have to fight for what he can’t fight for on his own,’” she said.

The singer became a spokesperson for autism advocacy and has used her talents to fundraise and spread awareness.

Besides that, The singer wrote a new book “When God Rescripts Your Life“. She wants other parents of autistic children to know that they are not alone.

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