“It’s an explosion of the Holy Spirit”, churches open to celebrate Pentecost Sunday

This May 31st was celebrated on Pentecost Sunday, a day where many gathered after such a long time to worship God.

The congregations took their precautions in meeting.

During each of the meetings, everyone who attended followed the agreed measures to preserve the safety of each person, for example the use of masks and the distance of two meters.

However, the restrictions did not prevent each person from feeling excited and joyful about returning to the church after several months of quarantine, “It feels so good. I could have cried, you know, just to be able to come to church. Oh, it’s a peace,” said Carol Watts of Christian Church New Life in Virginia Beach.

And in several interviews, everyone who came back together responded in unison that what they most missed was the worship of God, “Worship. The worship here is incredible. It’s like an explosion of the spirit, nothing like it,” said Anna Hubbs of the same congregation.

“Just to have a room of people worshipping God and praying. The energy was there. The Holy Spirit was there. It was like this was what I was supposed to do. Preaching to a chamber has its purpose and I thank God for that. But there is nothing like preaching to the local constituted body of Christ. You know them. You love them. They love you. It was dynamic,” said Pastor Dan Dickens of New Life.

Furthermore, Dickens stated that it is not a coincidence that the churches could open again this Pentecost Sunday, since this new time means a rebirth in the temples.

“I think we should be careful to hurry. The Scriptures say with patience that you possess your soul,” the bishop told a Christian media outlet.

“So I truly believe when the body of Christ experiences true unity. We’re going to have a sudden move from God and I think just like this pandemic happened, it will suddenly go away,” he added.

And in spite of the measures that must be taken, many who managed to see each other after so much time expressed their joy at seeing each other to worship God, “I didn’t even think about the fact that I was wearing a mask, I was so absorbed in the service that I forgot the mask. It was really amazing,” concluded Bonita Brown, a member of New Life.

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