“It’s a miracle”, after spending 32 days in coma, baby fully recovers from Coronavirus

Dom was recently discharged after being hospitalized for more than 50 days. His parents believe that everything is due to “a miracle”.

The baby received all the necessary help from the medical staff to keep him alive.

When Dom’s parents chose their son’s name for its meaning (which is “teacher”), they did not imagine the struggle that the little one would face and win.

But most surprising of all is the great message of hope that it can give to so many people.

The little boy was at least 32 days in an induced coma, with mechanical ventilation. His parents affirm that their son recovered “by a miracle.”

Amid the chaos due to the pandemic, Professor Wagner Andrade, 34, economist Viviane Monteiro, 32, and the 5-month-old baby, who reside in Rio de Janeiro, this week saw the happy ending of this long story.

According to the Globo portal, the first child of this couple recovered from the most serious form of Covid-19; and after spending 54 days in the hospital, they are going home.

Unconditional support from his parents

For his recovery, baby Dom received the love and unconditional support from his parents Wagner and Viviane. They took turns to be with him 24 hours.

“We lived a magical moment upon discharge, because many times we had thought that we would not bring him home. Going out with our son in my arms was indescribable. A mixture of emotions: happiness and fear, because here (outside) everything is very tense with this COVID-19. But I am very happy. The medical, technical and nursing staff were wonderful,” said Viviane.

Dom is believed to have caught the virus after a visit to a relative’s home. On the other hand, his parents tested negative after testing.

Brazil is currently the new focus of Coronavirus infections. To date, they have registered more than 25,000 deaths and some 400,000 infected.

The nation’s believers find themselves praying and crying out to God to help them in this hard time they are going through.

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