Italy and Spain return to their “normal” after finishing quarantine

After three months of having a critical situation due to the terrible pandemic, contagions, deaths and desperate confinement, two countries in Europe end their quarantine.

Both countries return to their normal activities.

Spain and Italy ended their quarantine by returning to their normal activities such as going to restaurants, museums and even attending soccer games.

Opening of borders

An important sign of this slight normality in Italy is the reopening of its borders with the countries of the European Union. From June 15 they can attend theaters and cinemas.

Since March 9 there have been quarantines registering 9 thousand infected and 400 deceased, making the total closure of activities.

“We can’t stop”

Phase 2 began in May with reopening of stores, restaurants and churches, all under the supervision of the country’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, “We are facing a calculated risk. We know that the epidemiological curve will rise again, but we cannot stop now,” he said.

After a brief normality, they do not fear a new outbreak as the contagion curve is flattening after 56 days of quarantine.

Zero deaths in a week

Another case is Spain, brutally hit by the pandemic like Italy; now they resume their activities when it was confirmed that there were no deaths from Covid-19 during the week.

Its quarantine began when the number of infected people reached to 4,200 and the people who died to 120. For the month of April a decline began in the peak of those affected by the virus, which led to flexibility for minors to go out.

June 5: Decisive date

At the beginning of this month, 70% of its population can be seen in restaurants, cinemas, hotels and theaters, finishing its phase 2 and then definitively ending all restrictions on June 22.

Exactly like these countries, France is normalizing all its activities in bars and restaurants and also the schools. However, it still has the restriction of not getting out of the country until June 15.

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