“It was the hand of God”, woman saved from being crushed by a street light pole while praying

A woman from a community in Brazil was saved from being crushed to death by a street light pole when taking time to pray while working.

The nurse says it was a miracle from God.

Teresa Monteiro was going out to a plaza where she liked to pray, when strong winds started and a pole near the place almost fell on her; Fortunately, the woman was unharmed from the accident.

According to the security cameras of the place, the moment in which the woman was almost hit by the pole that fell due to strong winds reaching 100 km / h was captured.

Monteiro is a nurse at the Hospital do Rocio in Campo Largo, which is a reference for the treatment of Covid-19 cases; At around 1 pm, she left the work place to go to her place of prayer when the wind started to hit very hard.

“Every day I do this, because I like to meditate, to speak with God. Yesterday I also did that and I noticed that there was a very strong wind and I needed more protection from God,” she told a local outlet.

“So I always pray Psalm 91. I sat there and started praying there, I realized that the wind was very strong there, I got up and leaned against the tree and finished saying the Psalm,” she added.

After Teresa left the plaza, strong winds knocked down the tree causing the nearby pole to fall with the set of wire it had; The entire incident was captured on video that has gone viral now.

With this intervention from God, the nurse knows thatit was the Lord who delivered her from the death. She recognizes that it was a miracle in her life.

“A stronger hand deflected the pole from me. You can’t explain it. It was God’s hand that stumbled me on the spot. It was a miracle,” she concluded.


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