Israeli Scientists Create Mask That Kills Infectious Viruses With USB Cables

The latest creation from Israeli researchers is a mask that can be disinfected through a USB connection.

The marketing measures are being processed.

With the heat, the mask becomes reusable since this connection kills bacteria. The same can be done through a cell phone charger cord.

Easy Disinfection

The process of disinfecting the mask takes approximately 30 minutes; and during the process the user should not have the device on, details Professor Yair Ein-Eli, leader of research at the Technion University of Haifa.

According to the Reuters news agency, the new mask has a USB port that connects to a power source (a simple cell phone charger) and heats its inner layer of carbon fibers to 70 degrees Celsius, enough to kill the hosted viruses.

“This is our solution”

Ein-Eli says that with the high demand for this product worldwide in the face of the health crisis, those that are disposable are not friendly or economical for consumers or the environment.

“They have to be reusable and friendly, and this is our solution,” he said.

Professor Allon Moses, shares that there is no doubt that bacteria will disappear from the mask when exposed to that degree of heat.

He recommends that repeated heating to 70 degrees may damage the mask material and “affect the ability to protect against future disease”.

At the time of testing, the prototype mask was connected to 20 heat cycles with half an hour between each. It had no impact on the durability of the part.

“We can guarantee several dozen cycles without risk,” Ein-Eli said.

Its patent in other countries and its cost, which is known to be $1 more expensive than the disposable type, are currently under discussion.

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