Israeli invention receives award thanks to innovative technology that converts air into water

In Israel, the creation of a machine that converts air into water received an award. It got credits for being as an efficient product that helps the poorest.

This advanced technology Watergen helps the poorest communities convert air into drinking water. This is one of the best way to provide a quality and technology service.

Genny” won the “Energy Efficiency Product of the Year” award at the Smart Home Mark of Excellence 2020 ceremony in Las Vegas.

This award honors the innovations that arise in the industry. For this reason, Genny stands out among all the creations that others can offer.

You can use this product in many places like homes and offices. Its process also purify the air.

Our company’s mission is to eliminate the need to rely on outside sources for life necessities and to help people become more environmentally friendly,” says Dan Clifford, President of Watergen North America.

We are especially honored to be named Energy Efficiency Product of the Year at this year’s CES show because this award directly supports one of the top values Watergen stands for,” he added.

Genny produces 800 liters of water daily, and provides fresh water to the humblest communities that do not have access to drinking water.

The product also received the “Best Innovation of the Year” distinction in 2019.

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