Israeli Company finds method to cure cancer


IceCure Medical is an Israeli company that is leading a revolution in the field of medical progress by helping doctors treat cancer by freezing tumors with liquid nitrogen.

Israeli Company finds method to cure cancer

This company is based in Israel’s northern coastal city of Caesarea. It claims their non-invasive ProSense™ system is a quick and painless alternative to cancer-removal surgery.

ProSense™ is FDA and CE approved and is available in many places of the world, such us: the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Central America, and South America. It works by inserting an extremely thin probe directly into the tumor, injecting it with a -274 degrees Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen solution and freezing it. The solution destroys the tumor but leaves surrounding tissue unharmed. The body then absorbs the dead tumor. The treatment can take up to an hour and the only pain medication needed is local anesthesia. Many patients are even allowed to go home the same day of the procedure.

Eyal Shamir, IceCure Medical CEO said  “Treatment with our system enables the elimination of the entire tumor by freezing. Patients taking part in the trial can enjoy their routine lives after a brief and straightforward treatment, without scars and without changing the shape or size of the breast”.

Doctors tested ProSense on 200 patients in 19 hospitals and medical centers across the US, including Columbia University Medical Center and Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

According to the study, the liquid nitrogen solution destroyed most of the tumors and after following up two years after the treatment, very few women saw their cancer recur.

The findings were presented at the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS) conference, which is the world’s largest conference for surgeons and decision makers in the oncology field.

Richard E. Fine, MD, FACS, Director of Education and Research and practicing breast surgeon at West Cancer Center’s Comprehensive Breast Center, TN applauded the ProSense system.

“Improved screening allows physicians to identify breast cancer earlier, when it’s smaller. Advances in molecular profiling (tumor biology) help us better determine which breast cancers have higher or lower risks of recurrence. We can then individualize approaches to treatment. Now with the ICE3 study, we may have the first effective non-surgical treatment option for some low risk patients,” he said.

The company also said ProSense is being used to treat renal, lung, and bone cancer.

Taken from: CBN News

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