Is the Amazon burning or being burned? Worldwide concern  rises because the lungs of the earth are in danger

Massive wildfires started  in the Amazon rainforest few weeks ago.  Efforts  to stop the fire seems to be unsuccessful as burning blaze  still embrace the area.

Is the Amazon burning or being burned? Worldwide concern rises because the “lungs” of the earth are in danger

Global concern rises as the Amazon rainforest has been on fire for the past three weeks, and  Brazil declared a state of emergency in the region.

It is known that the Amazon rainforest is typically wet and humid, however, something rare is happening during the months of July and August this year. It seems that the Amazon area is having a dry season. Is it product of nature itself of something else?

Although it could be a natural incident, Christian Poirier, program director of the nonprofit Amazon Watch provides information that can help clear our minds, he told CNN that fire is often used to clear out the land for farming or ranching. For that reason, the vast majority of the fires can be attributed to humans.

In the same way, the president of Brazil, Bolsonaro publicly said that he thinks the fires were set by nongovernmental organizations in retaliation to funding cuts.

There is not a unanimous conclusion about where the fire came from ,but there is a unanimous claiming for HELP.


The Amazon is referred to as the “lungs of the planet” and plays a major role in regulating the climate. The world would drastically change if the rainforest were to disappear, with impacts on everything from farms to drinking water.

The World Meteorological Organization, the United Nation’s weather arm, tweeted about the fires Thursday.

“Fires release pollutants including particulate matter & toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides  and non-methane organic compounds into the atmosphere,” the organization said.


Let´s pray for the Amazon!

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