Iran releases former Muslim converted to Christ after being tortured in jail

Iranian authorities recently released a young Christian activist. Previous this, they arrested her and placed her in the worst prison in the nation.

The world knew about her case through letters and Twitter

Fatemeh Mohammadi, 21, converted to Christianity and started to raise her voice for those Christians who face violence in a square in Tehran. For this reason, authorities accused her of altering public order.

Right after her arrest, she published several tweets to alert her people to the “soft repression” against the religious beliefs. She affirmed that the authorities make “false beliefs in a selective coverage of news”.

She has been arrested several times. One of them occurred due to the incorrect use of her hijab. Another one, for meeting clandestinely with other believers in a house.

She also talked, through a letter, about the abuses, aggressions, and tortures she suffered in a women’s prison.

Christian Concern confirmed that Mohammadi is on bail days before her court hearing; The price of her bail is $ 2,250.

In Iran, if a Muslim converts to Christianity he can be attacked and arrested for his faith.

Currently, this country takes position No. 9 on the list of most persecuted countries due to the Christian faith according to the Open Doors 2020 World Watch List.


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