INSPIRING!! With throat and tongue cancer, this Pastor worships God like never before, his song goes viral


When Pastor Jason David was diagnosed with tongue cancer, he would never have imagined that he would write a song that would inspire millions and be a hymn of hope for people all over the world. But that is exactly what happened.

David wrote the beautiful worship song ‘These Walls’ because he was being treated for an aggressive cancer that threatened him with not being able to talk. He went through terrible suffering during the treatment. ‘The doctor told me that it only gets worse over the next five days and I thought I could not even get through this for the next five minutes. If it hurts so much to live, I do not want to live anymore, ‘he said. Remember, according to NBC San Diego.

But with the help of his wife and the strength of the Lord, he managed to finish the song that would be a declaration of hope in his darkest hour. ‘That song became my anthem,’ he says. The song has gained more than 5 million visits and has been sung in 25 countries around the world. Jason has been bombarded with messages from those whom his music has helped through his own judgment.

‘Now we are telling stories of other survivors who do not give up, and I hope they encourage other survivors who abandoned a dream because life stole something from them, and I just do not want them to give up,’ he says.

Watch the song below.

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