In Russia: men who practice “manspreading” are sprayed with bleach


Female social activists from St. Petersburg, Russia, are promoting a movement against what they have termed as ‘Manspreading’, which is the custom of men sitting on public transport with their legs so spread that they occupy the seat of another passenger.

The social activist tackles manspreading on the metro in St Petersburg by splashing a mix of 30 litres of water and six litres of bleach

One of these women, Anna Dovgaliuk, says that they struggle with this habit but that in Russia, this issue has not been discussed and has not been given the importance it should have.

‘It is extremely important for me to draw people’s attention to this issue, to provoke a discussion and, consequently, the creation of legislative norms that penalize ‘manspreading’, because it is a lack of public respect for women and children and is a shame for society,” she said.

She claimed her video was dedicated ‘to all ‘men’ for whom manspreading is the norm

Some of the activist’s friends, who are in favor of Dovgaliuk, bound some bleach in a container with water and throw it in the groin of the men who are sitting with their legs too wide open in the St. Petersburg metro.

Others accuse her of doing this only to gain followers in social networks, since they say  that she paid a model to be sprayed with water on his face while posing as asleep.

This was captured on video, the solution was poured into some 70 ‘model’ men, according to the activist, the same will be done in cities like Moscow and Kazan. The reactions of men are of indignation, and others threaten to initiate legal action against them.

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