In Okinawa, the statue of Buddhist Kannon-Sama falls crashing down

Kannon Sama is also known within the Buddhist culture as the goddess of Mercy, to whom come those who have difficulties because of the dangers caused by water, fire or weapons; it is said that she attends to the requests that come to her because she is the Mother of Mercy.

The statue of this “goddess” has just been completely torn down by Typhoon Trami, which hit Okinawa, Japan.

Typhoon Trami wreaked havoc on its way through Japan, leaving at least 47 injured as it approached the country’s islands.

In addition, hundreds of flights were cancelled due to the risk of the scorching storm throughout the country.

Not only has the Kannon Sama statue been affected by Typhoon Trami, but it has claimed the lives of several people, including a truck driver who died from a landslide and another who drowned, and a woman who was carried by a river current.

The passage of this typhoon forced to suspend classes, train traffic and even electricity, mostly in Tokyo.


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