IN ISRAEL: Three terrorist attacks in less than 12 hours

Twelve officials of the Golani Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were injured, including one with serious injuries when they were deliberately knocked down in Jerusalem.

The terrorist attack occurred shortly before 2:00 a.m. Police said the driver fled at high speed.

Subsequently, the man was arrested during operation and handed over to Israel’s Shin Bet security service for questioning.

«After an extensive operational and intelligence effort, the IDF, in collaboration with Shin Bet, the special unit of the Israeli police and other special forces, arrested the terrorist who carried out the attack in the hours before the dawn of this tomorrow in Jerusalem,» said the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in a statement.

The blunt attack seriously injured a soldier, who remains hospitalized. “He is unconscious and connected to a respirator in the intensive care unit,” hospital hospitals told Israeli media.

The soldiers were marching next to the “First Station”, a popular entertainment center in Jerusalem, within the framework of their military activities, in view of their participation in an oath ceremony at the Western Wall.

«Terrorism will not defeat us»

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised that Israel would catch the author, saying “terrorism will not defeat us.”

Hours after the attack, a terrorist opened fire on police officers near the entrance to the Temple Mount, resulting in an officer with injuries.

«A terrorist opened fire on the border police. A policeman was slightly injured in the shooting. The police responded by opening fire on the terrorist and neutralizing him. City areas closed, ”a police spokesman said in a statement.

Hours after that, an Israeli soldier was injured in a firearm attack at a military post near the Dolev settlement community in the West Bank.

The officer was treated at the scene and taken to the hospital with head injuries. The terrorist fled the scene.

3 terrorist attacks in 12 hours of terror in Israel

The attacks came after the Hamas terror group called for a Palestinian uprising against Israelis on Wednesday.

We call to intensify confrontations with the occupation and its settlers and fight against their attacks on land and sacred places, especially the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Hamas said in a statement posted on its official website, referring to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The terrorist group is calling for violence in response to Israeli security forces that shot and killed a Palestinian teenager during clashes in Hebron.

We affirm that this heinous crime is another crime of the Israeli occupation of intentionally attacking innocent civilians and children among our people,” the Hamas statement said.

The revolution that is unleashed in the cities of the West Bank and in Jerusalem is the implementation of the decision of the Palestinian people to expel the occupation of the West Bank and free it from the settlers,” said the terrorist group.


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