In Indonesia, a lamb is born with only one eye and they attribute it to the “demonic incarnation”

The birth of an “evil” animal that could reincarnate a deity shocked an entire province in Indonesia.

The animal was born with this condition that frightened many.

Located in West Java province, a 65-year-old farmer named Piphih was stunned when one of his goats gave birth to a one-eyed black lamb located in the center of his face.

Those who live in the vicinity of the place told the farmer that he could be the reincarnation of the deity Dajjal, who is catalogued as “the imposter Messiah”.

“The mother gave birth to two lambs. The other is normal. I hope it’s a good sign and brings blessings to the family. I didn’t expect a lamb with one eye to be born. I take care of my sheep and none of them have any diseases,” the man said.

Others told him that he could be a demon dressed as a goat. Because of this deformation, the animal died a few days later because it had difficulty eating normally and even breathing.

After the authorities checked that the animal was not the result of a disease, the animal was buried in the farmer’s yard.

This phenomenon occurred is known as Cyclopia, which is characterized by the only eye in the center of the face causing deformation in it.

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