In India, Christians are saving girls from the world of prostitution

In India, hundreds of girls are pressured to serve as prostitutes in the temples. In the wake of this terrible situation, a group of Christians have begun to rescue them by using the powerful weapon of the gospel of Christ.

In India, girls are forced into the world of prostitution

Dalits are considered the most despicable in Indian society, due to their traditional occupations. They live submerged in poverty and in precarious health conditions. For the Indian population, the Dalits deserve to be humiliated. Therefore, the girls are forced to fulfill a religious tradition, consecrating their lives to the goddess Yellamma and serving as prostitutes in the temples, satisfying the sexual needs of men.

In the wake of the many injustices, Erik Morsehead, representative of Mission India, observed that there are many girls in tragic situations. ‘Girls are handed over by their parents as offerings to the gods, exposing them to a very sad lifestyle,’ says Morsehead.

Christians have faced many challenges. ‘Throughout India, Hindu militants have threatened and killed the members of the churches. They force us to give up our faith and avoid helping girls with the gospel, ‘said Paul Robinson, of the organization Release International. Let’s continue praying!

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