‘If he does not allow annexation, he will lose all our support,’ says evangelical leader about Trump

President Donald Trump could be facing a serious loss to his government if his support for the annexation of territory to Israel is not fully realized.

Most of his supporters are evangelical Christians..

According to the founder of the Museum of the Friends of Zion in Jerusalem and evangelical leader Mike Evans, Trump would be losing “popularity and support” if he did not give his full support to the criticized annexation of the West Bank and Judea to Israel.

Evans, after praising the work team that the Trump administration owns today and highlighting the work it does to defend Israel and Christian rights in his country; creates debate about the next decisions that the leader must make.

He affirms that if Trump does not recognize the decision to apply this measure in Israel; He will lose all the support that the evangelical community has given him around the world, and especially in his country.

“If the president does not recognize the decision to apply sovereignty that Netanyahu will bring – and I say this with a heavy heart – then he will have put himself at odds with the voice of the Evangelical community. All of the amazing things which he has done for Israel show where he wants to go. Therefore, I am sure that he will not renege on his promise to support Israel. Because the elections are in four months and he will not win without the support of the Evangelicals. He may be the most pro-Israel president ever, but we will not change our position that G-d gave the land to the Jewish people,”  Evans said.

“He can’t win without the evangelical vote,” he stresses.

Currently, both Trump and Netanyahu are receiving pressure from religious leaders to approve Israel’s sovereignty over the territories in question, comparing the situation with what Joshua and Caleb did in their time.

For now, this annexation decision has been postponed by the Israeli authorities until further notice.


Source: Arutz Sheva

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