Idolatry rises: Huge Baby Jesus Statue in Mexico; People Say It Looks like Phil Collins

As a surprise for the people, a church in Mexico placed a huge baby Jesus statute in the pulpit for people to worship it during Christmas.

The church´s name is La Epifania del Señor. It is in the neighborhood of Zoquite, Guadalupe in central Mexico.

Reportedly, it measures 6.58 meters (21.6 feet) tall, weighing 143 stone (907kg). It seems to be the ‘world’s biggest baby Jesus statue.

Many would be impresed by the size of the statue, however, what is calling people´s attention is that the image looks like an 80s version of Genesis frontman Phil Collins.

Many on social media, including the New York Post, couldn’t help noting that the baby statue looks like the singer when he was young.

Some web users also took the chance to share their thinking and to photoshop the statue into other pictures.



Some take the statue to worship and others to make fun, but the reality is that the Bible is clear when it comes to making idols and statues (Isaiah 45:20)


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