“I haven’t lost any patients,” says Christian doctor who uses hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19

Stella Immanuel, a doctor working at a Texas hospital, gave a series of statements in defense of the controversial drug.

Doctora cristiana Stella Immanuel

A Christian doctor known as Stella Immanuel, said none of the Covid-19 infected patients she has treated have died.

She appeared on July 27 on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to put an end to the false claims that had been made about the pandemic.

Immanuel’s speech was addressed to a group of professionals who call themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors.”

His message was recorded and uploaded to social networks, where it quickly became popular and viralized.

“I am here because I personally treated over 350 Covid patients, diabetes patients, high blood pressure patients, asthma patients and elderly people,” the doctor said.

According to information provided by the Brazilian website Guiame, the woman has treated patients as young as 92.

Immanuel apparently uses a treatment that includes hydroxychloroquine, zitromax (azithromycin) and zinc to medicate her infected patients.

Effectiveness of results, according to the Dr.

According to her, these were her results: “I haven’t lost anyone, not the diabetics, not anyone with high blood pressure, not the asthmatics, not the elderly.”

She also proved the efficiency of her and her team by saying that none of them have been infected despite being in contact with the virus.

“We see 10 to 15 patients every day. None of us got sick. It works,” she testified.

“I came to Washington DC to say, ‘America, nobody needs to die!'” She testified.

She concluded that it bothers her to see patients with difficulty breathing, consumed by fear. This, because many think they are going to die.

“I give you hope and I say it’s all right; you’re going to live. We treat you and you live. No one died,” he warns.

International media reports that his video was published, but that soon after, platforms such as Facebook and Youtube removed the video.

In response, the companies claimed that the recording contained false and misleading information.

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