Hospitals in Israel show danger of overcrowding after high infection rate

Facing the Coronavirus pandemic, Israel is experiencing the second strongest wave of infection and its hospitals are not functioning at 100%.

Current status of the 4 most important hospitals in the country.

The 4 largest hospitals in Israel are not fully operational, as they are fully populated and their capacity is already overstretched.

The Hadassah University Medical Center at Ein Kerem in Jerusalem is currently the busiest in the country, with a capacity of 164% for its Coronavirus room, which is already at a level of 113%, according to reports from the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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“On Monday morning we had one bed available in all of our coronavirus wards. We are currently preparing to open additional wards. The moment we are full though, we transfer patients to the Tel Aviv area,” Hadassah Director Prof. Yoram Weiss told Ynet.

The director says that the high rate of hospital overcrowding is the main cause of contagion in the country and the upsurge in the wave of outbreaks by Covid-19.

“There is a finite number of medical staff. Those same staff have to care for both those ill with coronavirus and those who suffer from other ailments, and these two groups are quite significant in number,” said Weiss.

On Tuesday alone, Israel saw 2,001 new cases of Covid-19, and so far the deaths count 480 people on its list.

According to information from the country’s Ministry of Health, efforts are being made to alleviate the capacity of overcrowded hospitals by implementing an “early release” measure, which includes the medical discharge of patients with mild symptoms.

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On the other hand, elderly patients will be transferred to geriatric centres so that they can receive treatment.

This crisis that the country is experiencing in times of pandemic has led people to take to the streets to protest the mishandling of the situation.

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