Homeless crisis brings rats and chaos in California


Homeless crisis reaches an epidemic level in Los Angeles, California, and calls authority to be on alert. Reform California reports this rat infestation has spread dangerous diseases like typhus.

According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, celebrity physician, this situation is a health crisis, something not seen “in this country for 100 years.”

Pinsky´s impact, about the terrible situation Los Angeles is going throw, was so shocking, that he even compared downtown LA to a third world country because of its public health problems and lack of sanitation.

“Rats have taken over the city, it’s not consistent with civilization, how many must die before we change direction?” Pinsky said.

Officer Deon Joseph of the Los Angeles Police Department pronounced saying “What you are seeing is a row of tents”. Those rows make up “skid row,” a 50-block area with the country’s largest homeless population that’s only continuing to grow.”

The LA Homeless Services Authority reports that women and children make up 40 percent of the homeless population. One more reason why Officer Joseph says more shelters are needed to help families, kids, and elderly.

Due to the situation, some people have decided to turn to faith-based groups to find help, but the great effort these mission organizations are doing is not enough because the number of people in need of assistance is rising.

Union Rescue Mission is the largest homeless shelter and recovery program in the country, the Rev. Bales is the head leader.

Bales whose heart is in helping the homeless, but despite all his efforts, he has had to stop his good words for health problems.

 “I actually missed four days of work because I had my leg taken off on a Thursday and I was back to work on Monday,” he said. “Asking ourselves ‘what will Jesus do miraculously through us today?’ – without that faith we couldn’t do what we do.”

Bales’ dedication to helping those in need led to his own health crisis – the loss of his leg due to a flesh-eating disease he contracted while handing out water to the homeless.


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