Hero dog rescues newborn buried alive.


In Thailand, a dog named Ping Pong is known as a hero because it saved a newborn baby after finding him in a field where his teenage mother had buried him alive.

Hero dog rescues newborn buried alive

The six-year-old pooch was seen scratching at earth alongside a farmer’s field on Wednesday morning.

Usa Nisaika, who is the Ping Pong’s owner, went over to look what his dog was doing and noticed the infant’s tiny leg poking up from the earth.

Usa dug up the 5lbs 2oz baby and rushed him to hospital where he was found not to have any serious injuries.

Police began investigating, interviewed local residents, and arrested the 15-year-old mother on suspicion of attempted murder.

The teenager was arrested and admitted giving birth to the baby boy. She told police that she buried him to try to hide the birth, because she was afraid that her parents would be angry.

Usa said his dog is a hero because he did all with only three working legs because when the dog was younger was hit by a car and one of his back legs got injured and stop working the right way.

He also said: “I have had Ping Pong since he was born and he has always been very loyal and obedient. Everybody in the village is amazed by what he has done now. He is a hero because he saved the life of the baby.”

Officers have now kept the baby under supervision in hospital, but the girl’s parents have offered to take care of the infant.

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