GOOD NEWS IN ITALY: the new infections curve decreases

Italy is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Since Monday, the number of new cases of the coronavirus has fallen slightly.

GOOD NEWS IN ITALY: the new infections curve decreases
GOOD NEWS IN ITALY: the new infections curve decreases

However, the latest report of the country’s Civil Protection agency recorded a rise in the number of deaths, after two days where this number had decreased, but the contagion seems to confirm its slowdown.

This report also records a rise of 8% in cases (about 70,000 in total), as on Monday, one of the lowest since the arrival of the pandemic in Italy.

Until the close of business on Monday, 3700 new cases of infection were confirmed, which is less than on Sunday, when 3900 patients were confirmed positive for the coronavirus.

Til this day, 601 deaths were recorded, 50 less than the number revealed 24 hours earlier. The fact that we still have worrying statistics is alarming for the world, but the recorded decrease generates more encouragement for the population and medical workers.

“It’s not the time to declare victory”

“Today the tendency of the fall is confirmed, we can say that it is the first positive day, it is not the moment to sing victory but finally we see the light at the end of the tunnel”, said the Lombardy Health Councillor, Giulio Gallera.

This trend responds to the so-called “contagion curve”, which occurs after the maximum number of cases has been exceeded.

This fall, which Italy hopes will become a trend this week, will be key because it could indicate that contagion has reached its peak when the 14 days since Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte decreed the confinement of the entire country are about to be celebrated.

Italian experts have repeated that the times in which the sick must show symptoms range from five to twelve days since the contagion, so the balance could indicate that containment in Italy could have worked.

Lombardy, in the north of the country, remains the most affected region with 4,178 deaths out of the total 6,820 recorded in the country, followed by Emilia Romagna with 985 deaths.

Lombardy is also the region with the most cases, 30,703 out of 69,176 in the whole country.


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