“God is not a genie” says famous actress.


The Christian actress, Sadie Robertson, best known for her role in “God is not dead 2”, has been questioning the position of many Christians and their relationship with God, emphasizing some members of the Christian community has misunderstood the name of God to the point of referring to Him like if he was a “genius”, because everybody expects God to make their wishes to come true.

 “God is not a genie” says famous actress.
“God is not a genie” says famous actress.

The famous Christian actress says “They see God as a genius”, criticizing the behavior of some believers.

On her Instragram account, Robertson said to her 3 million followers that it is not good making an image of God like if He was a genius for him to make all our wishes come true. All these statements were declared in reference the way many people, even Christians, treat the heavenly Father in certain moments.

She also mentioned the way others think God is Santa Claus, conditioning his existence “If He does not give me what I want, then I don’t believe he is real”, she explained.

“I told God I wanted that, and if He doesn’t do it for me right now then I’m not going to believe in Him,” she said.

Robertson pointed out that the Bible is filled with God’s promises to His people, but none of these promises include things like giving you your dream job.

“This is going to be hard to hear. But the job that you want, the school that you want, they were never a promise of God,” she said.

It’s not to say that God won’t answer your prayer requests with a “yes,” but it’s also not to say that it won’t be a “not now,” or a “not ever.”

“Don’t forget about what you already have,” she said, encouraging the audience to reflect on the blessings God has already given them.

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