God is back to schools: public schools will display ‘In God We Trust’ as a way to take Christian beliefs back


Head leaders of some States of EE.UU have recognized they need God to take control. That´s why they have decided to establish, by signing a law, “In God We Trust” motto in public schools beginning this school year.

States like Louisiana, Kentucky, and South Dakota, and among others, will present “In God we trust” as a symbol to take the right path applying Christian beliefs.

In Louisiana,  Governor John Bel Edwards signed the bill which requires public schools to display the motto “in each building it uses and in each school under its jurisdiction” by the 2019-2020 school year.

The law, first introduced in March 2018 as Senate Bill 224 by Democratic State Senator Regina Ashford Barrow, said that the way the motto was displayed would be “determined by each governing authority” but needed to be at least a paper sign.

Barrow said while discussing the bill in the Louisiana Senate chamber in April of 2018 “This is our national motto. It’s also on our currency. So I think it’s really important that we ensure that young people understand the patriotic history of our country and how it was founded and its purpose,”

In South Dakota, Gov. Kristi Noem signed the bill, requiring all public schools in the state to display the motto. Although many were in favor, many others disliked the idea.

Katy Urban, Rapid City Area Schools district spokeswoman told ABC News that group of students from the district’s Stevens High School disliked the idea and said the bill “seemingly favored Christianity” over other religions idea, and they wanted an alternate version of the motto that included the names of Buddha, Yahweh, and Allah, as well as the term “spirit”

 “That conversation didn’t go any further. The board didn’t have any conversation about alternative versions.” Urban said

According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the phrase “In God We Trust” was stated as the nation’s official motto in 1956. The law was signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Then it was placed on United States coins largely because of the “increased religious sentiment existing during the Civil War”.

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