Glorious! Black and white churches become one in Iowa

A remarkable event has marked the beginning of a new time in Christianity. Two pastors from different races and cultures decided to join.

Rod Dooley, from the African American Oak Hill Jackson Community Church, and Daniel Winn of the predominantly white Cedar Rapids Family Church, have decided to break society standards to obey the Lord´s command.

Winn told TGC: “We aren’t just doing this for diversity’s sake, but for the Gospel’s sake and for Christ’s sake.”

The idea started when these pastors met each other once a week to pray together. From this moment on, a time of awakening covered the pastors and their congregations bringing a miraculous anointing full of glory.

According to the Gospel Coalition (TGC), the pastors used to meet every week. After that, they switched pulpits and followed this by doing an Easter service with both congregations.

After being a witness of a glorious manifestation of the Lord, Winn’s suggestion was to merged both churches together.

The incredible thing is that in mostly white city, the members of the two congregations voted 98 percent in favor of the merger.

According to TGC the transition to the merged church of white and black members 18 months later has gone smoothly.

From all this fact, a new church has been created. Its name is New City Church in which both pastors Dooley and Winn share the leadership of the church.

Elder Edwin Hung, born in Hong Kong, said: “God is definitely moving, and we want him to go before us.”

“People are interacting with people they never would have before. In the first few months, it wasn’t uncommon to have grown men from both churches coming up to us after the service with tears in their eyes, saying, ‘This is so great.'” – Pastor Rod Dooley

“We’re seeing people’s lives being transformed,” Winn said. A few weeks ago, they baptized nine teenagers of different ethnicities. When the teens shared their testimonies, “there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

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