Girl bakes “delicious” cookies with her grandparents’ ashes!


This happened in a school in Davis, a suburb of Sacramento, the capital of California, according to press reports.

Girl bakes “delicious” cookies with her grandparents’ ashes!

A young Davinci Academy student, along with her friend, baked cookies for her schoolmates, but her special “touch” was terrifying as she mixed her grandfather’s ashes into the recipe.

On October 4, the high school girl shared the cookies with at least nine classmates, informing them that they had human ashes.

According to Davis Police Lieutenant Paul Doroshov, he said that after interviewing nine classmates, research indicates that the students did taste the cookies with human ashes.

Doroshov said students are unlikely to be charged with a crime, even if there is one law that applies to what happened.

One of the companions who tasted the cookies with  humans ashes revealed to the television station KCRA that inadvertently gave a bite to one of them and suppose they had human ashes, because the young woman who was not identified by the authorities, offered him a cookie in exchange for exchanging his place in the classroom with another student of the class, indicating to him that the cookie had a special ingredient.

After trying the biscuit, he was worried, because, “I thought I had put drugs in them or something like that”, he mentioned, however, Knox said that the young woman laughed and told him that the biscuit had his grandfather’s ashes as a special ingredient. “I didn’t believe her until she took out the urn,” he said.

“I was really terrified,” he said. He also explained that the taste was like “when you were a kid you ate sand once,” he said.

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