Gay marriage is causing the earth to be “cleansed” as in Noah’s time, says Rabbi

A leading rabbi is teaching how many of today’s events, which are seen as “the end times,” are related to the evil and sin committed by human beings.

The Rabbi claims that the Coronavirus pandemic is one of the informants about “the end times”.

Mendel Kessin, an expert rabbi in recent times, is known for connecting world events with their end-of-day significance.

In a recent lecture, he spoke about the “upheavals, eruptions and catastrophes” currently playing out in the world.


“We’re watching a tremendous amount of instability in the world. I’m sure everyone is wondering, ‘What is happening and why is this happening?’” he said.

His explanation is mostly based on a Bible passage from the story of Noah, located in the Bible at Genesis 6:13.

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The consequences of sexual depravation

Kessin shared an ancient teaching from the 1500s, which explains one possible cause why God sent the flood to earth.

According to the study, the formalization of relationships between two men or between a man and an animal was “the last straw” for God to decide to end humanity.

The rabbi believes that Western culture has reached a level of sexual depravation similar to that which caused the first universal flood.

“Now we can understand what is happening today,” he noted, implying that mainstream acceptance of what was historically considered to be sexually deviant has reached the point where the world requires another “restart”.

Kessin connects a number of current events to this stage of the messianic process, most notably the legalization of same-sex marriage in the US in 2015, a move that declared same-sex marriage to be a right protected under the US Constitution.


“Which is exactly what happened in the time of Noach (Noah),” says the Rabbi. (Genesis 8:21) The Bible tells us that God will not destroy the earth with another flood, though, since he swore not to do so again.

Covid-19 and protests, the current “end times” markers

This time, according to Kessin’s statements, the elimination of sin will not occur with a flood of water, but with redemption itself.

As explained at the conference, the Covid-19 pandemic and protests over race issues are the “markers of the end times”.

Breaking Israel News reports that the rabbi concluded with a question: “Are we seeing the end of exile? Are we witnessing the end of the love story that Jews have for America?”

“It is quite possible that that is exactly what we are seeing,” he responded, and then referred to the Messiah.

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