Gay Hollywood Designer’s life changed after an encounter with the Holy Spirit

The lifestyle of Becket Cook was apparently at the biggest level of success. He was openly gay, a successful designer in the fashion world, and mingling with Hollywood’s elite.

 For a long time, he believed he was living the dreamed life because he thought he had all that he wanted, fame, financial freedom, etc. He loved everything lived until the day he suddenly started to feel uncomfortable.

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Despite everything he had, at some point in his life, he knew it wasn’t enough. He wanted something more. He needed something different.

Cook said “So I was attending fashion week and I went to all of the shows and a bunch of the parties,” he recalled. “And I was at a party one night and I just looked over the crowd and I thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore. This isn’t going to cut it anymore.'”

He said he felt dead inside even though he was in serious relationships with five different men when he lived in Los Angeles.

But all that is now part of his past since one day he had a life-changing conversation with some people with Bibles when he was having coffee at his favorite coffee shop.

“My best friend and I ended up getting into a conversation with them and they invited me to their church the following Sunday in Hollywood,” Cook recollected. “And I asked them, ‘What does your church believe about homosexuality?’ And they said, ‘Well, we believe it’s a sin.'”

What happened next?

Cook decided to go to church that following Sunday and recalled that everything the pastor was saying from Romans chapter 7 was going through his mind and heart and that he was literally on the edge of his seat during the whole sermon.

“Then after the sermon, this guy on the side of the church prayed for me. I came back to my seat and I was processing the sermon, the worship music, and everything,” he said. “Then all of the sudden, the Holy Spirit overwhelmed me. And God was like, ‘I’m God. Jesus is my Son. Heaven’s real. Hell’s real. The Bible’s true. You are now adopted into my Kingdom. Welcome!’

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After that experience, his life changed forever. He knew at that moment who he was. He knew he was a man.

“It was like a curtain had parted and I could see the truth for the first time in my life,” he explained. “I knew the meaning of life for the first time in my life.”

“It was over,” he said. “I was done with it.”










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