Franklin Graham warns of ‘all-out socialism’ if Americans don’t vote for leaders ‘who love this country’

In a Twitter thread Monday, renowned evangelist Franklin Graham warned of ‘all-out socialism’ if Americans don’t vote for leaders ‘who love this country’.
Evangelist Franklin Graham
Graham warned about the consequences of complacency from evangelical conservatives and “every person who loves this country.”

“If this kind of leadership wins in local, state & national elections in November, we’ll see more of this, which would lead to the demise of our nation as we know it,” said Graham, son of the late evangelist Billy Graham.

In a subsequent tweet, he described the violence and unrest in Portland, Oregon, as “an example of what will take place in other cities if Americans do not take a stand in defense of the nation—through the power of the vote.”

“Socialism is dangerous, and we have a party and many politicians who are flirting with all-out socialism,” he stressed.

“I would encourage every person who loves this country to pray & to turn out by the millions to vote. Don’t just watch the news & be depressed—stand up for America! Vote for leaders who love this country, defend the Constitution, & support law & order. Most importantly, pray.”

Socialism “has no use for faith”

In Tuesday, Dr. James Dobson, psychologist and founder of the Christian organization Focus on the Family, agreed Graham’s concerns about the dangers of socialism, in an op-ed.

“Socialism limits enterprise and creates undue reliance on the state. Socialism, at its core, is a secular framework that installs government as ‘god.’ It has no use for faith, freedom, or the will of the people,” he said. 

Morfaith leaders are working to motivate Christians to vote in November

Bewsides Graham, there are other faith leaders motivating Christians to vote in November.

Jason Yates, the CEO of the group My Faith Votes is one of them. He launched a bipartisan initiative “Our Church Votes” in which he hopes to encourage the 25 million Christians who did not vote in the 2016 presidential election to participate this time around.

Source: The Christian Post

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