FRANCE: First child died of ‘Kawasaki’ disease related to Covid-19

The first child died of Kawasaki disease at the age of 9 in a hospital in Marseille; France, health sources indicated this Friday.

First child died in France of Kawasaki disease.

After having suffered a heart attack at home, the boy was transferred to the hospital where he was admitted for a week.

The symptoms of Kawasaki disease are “the raspy tongue, fever and diarrhea,” according to specialists.

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According to the General Direction of Health, among the children victims of Kawasaki disease in France, the majority have a “visible excess weight”, and are born to families of Afro-Caribbean origin.

Elizabeth Whittaker, an infectious disease specialist, commented to “Le Figaro” the parallel crisis of the Kawasaki, in these terms:

“The appearance of various Kawasakis is occurring, in France, three or four weeks after reaching the peak of the coronavirus spread curve, which could allow us to assume that it is a post-infectious phenomenon,” said Elizabeth Whittaker, a specialist in diseases infectious.

“It is a seasonal disease, at other times. Before the coronavirus pandemic, it appeared relatively frequently in winter and spring. We are, therefore, faced with a favorable period, aggravated by the spread of the coronaviru. It may be unwise to cry out in alarm and panic. If it is highly advisable to monitor and modify, by improving, control measures in schools and kindergartens,” said Dr. Isabelle Koné-Paut, responsible for the network of alert and surveillance of the disease in France.

Specialists comment on the first death of a child victim of Kawasaki disease with some caution.


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