Former Witch warns of Disney’s new children program on witchcraft, “It’s very real”

Recently, Disney Channel premiered “The Owl House” cartoon. It caused controversy because it teaches children that witchcraft is a good thing.

The controversial program intends to show witchcraft as a positive tool to combat the forces of evil.

Some people think that there is nothing to worry about relying on the fact that it is a children’s show; since it is a “fantasy.”

But for Jenny Weaver; a former witch, parents and should be careful about what their children watch.

I actually watched a movie that was very popular when I was in high school and it was called The Craft,” Jenny Weaver told CBN‘s “The Prayer Link

And the movie was about four high school witches that had all of this power, that had all of this control,” she explained.

From witchcraft, drugs, and lesbianism to the arms of Christ

The former witch, who grew up in a dysfunctional home, fought depression. After watching the movie, she took the power of witchcraft as an outlet for what she constantly lived.

I remember hearing these voices, ‘Just kill yourself. Just go away. It would be better off if you would just die.’  And so, I started to cut my wrists severely. I remember having 56 cuts all up and down my arms. My arms were shredded. And it was a way in my mind that I was able to escape,”Weaver said.

The cuts were just the door to the demonic realm, which led Weaver to become a practicing witch.

It was a demonic hold on my life that caused me to open doors to witchcraft and practicing spells and incantations and studying the religion of Wiccan,” she confessed.


I was smoking methamphetamines in dope houses, sleeping in people’s sheds, being tore up by bugs all day long. And so, I remember just crying out to God. I cried out to the top of my lungs, I said ‘God Help Me!,‘” she testified.

Now, Jenny Weaver took the Facebook platform to minister through prophetic worship to thousands through her ministry Jenny Weaver Worships.

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