Former soccer player Kaka shares his testimony and thousands accept Christ in mega church

Monday afternoon, former soccer player Kaka shares his faith experiences inspiring thousands. Hearing about the soccer star´s story created great emotion among his followers.

Former soccer player Kaka shares his testimony and thousands accept Christ in mega church

Kaka talked about the good things God has done in his life at the Lagoinha Baptist Church in Orlando.

The player explained to the audience how God worked in his life and taught him how money cannot buy certain aspects of life, such as family and friendships in addition to opportunities.

“God always teaches us, regardless of the situation,” he said from the Pastor André Valada’s pulpit.

His success is synonym of his effort since childhood

The soccer player said that there were many aspects in which God taught him that there is always room for miracles at all times.

Besides, he expressed that the result of his success today is the work of years of effort despite certain kind of situations the that could have stopped him from achieving his goal.

In addition to this, Kaka shared a supernatural experience in which God rescued him from a serious accident in a pool.

“I thanked God for another release,” he said.

After years of work, he always kept God above all the achievements he received as world championships with the national soccer team in addition to being one of the most valuable players internationally and being compared to great personalities like Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

«Put your hope in God»

During his speech, Kaka said that after his retirement, he set out to share what God had taught him through so many moments lived during his walk with Him.

He talked about characters like Samuel and Moses and also added biblical verses.

While speaking, people from the audience asked him if he intended to become a pastor. In response to the questions, he answered that he only wishes to bring the word of God not only to the world of football but also to many countries.

Finally, he encouraged people to serve God and not losing hope in what the Lord can do in their lives.

“Put all your strength, your hope, in God, if it is not to generate wealth, it makes no sense,” he finished.

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