Force of nature! This is the shocking moment a tsunami hits land in Indonesia

A tsunami between one and a half to two meters has struck the city of Palu and Donggala (Indonesia), after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake that shook the north of the island of Celebes, last friday. The Indonesian tsunami took place about 80 kilometers south of the hypocenter, following the warning of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency, which issued an alert with waves of maximum 3 meters.

In the images, recorded by the witnesses of the tragedy, the giant wave product of the tsunami approaches the Thai coast and engulfs everything in its path. The water floods the streets between the shouts and the races of those who witness the scene, terrified.

The earthquake of magnitude 7.5 shook the island of Celebes, located in northern Indonesia, and a few hours earlier, another earthquake of 6.1 degrees caused the death of one person, 10 injured and the collapse of several buildings in the same area.

Three days after the earthquake, Indonesia is still unaware of the magnitude of the tragedy. So far there are 844 dead, among which are 34 children who where camping, although it is assumed that this number will increase. And the bodies have begun to be buried in temporary graves.

Among the large number of deaths is the young Anthonius Gunawan Agun, 21, air controller of the airport Mutiara SIS Al Jufrie in Palu, who refused to leave the control tower until making sure that a plane, which was in the clearing during the earthquake, will manage to take off safely. This action saved the life of the passengers and crew of the plane, but it cost the young’s man life, since moments later another strong earthquake shook the building where he was in, and  could not escape. Gunawan Agunis considered a national hero.

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