For being invited to go to church, man kills a pastor and drinks his blood

In Belford Roxo, Brazil, a christian pastor named Ronaldo Calanzo, 56, was killed for inviting a non-believer to go to church.

man kills a pastor and drinks his blood
Man kills a pastor and drinks his blood.

The killer after being invited to go to church for the pastor, took an iron bar and hit the pastor until death.

This terrible act took place behind a school located in Baixada Fluminense; and according to investigations made by police officers; it is assumed the killer drunk the blood of his victim.

This case has shocked all the citizens of the community for being a cold and really mean act. The witnesses said that Fabio de Souza, 38, reacted in a really violent way when the pastor gave him the invitation flyer.

Authorities and witnesses of this sad scene cannot believe or even explain the reason why de Sousa acted that way; they cannot believe either he drunk the pastor´s blood.

In the video below you will see the moment when de Sousa was arrested to spend many years in jail.

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