First comic Bible made by Marvel illustrators is released

The most recent edition of the Kingstone Bible has given a new and positive presentation to the word of God, expressing it in comics.

It presents the books of the Bible in chronological order.
It presents the books of the Bible in chronological order.

With the Brazilian Biblical Society and 100% Cristão Publisher working together, this new edition of the Bible presents the 66 books from Genesis to Revelation in an illustrated way.

The illustrations, full of realism, are made by 40 aknowledged artists who work for Marvel and DC Comics.

Among them are:

  • Kyle Hotz (Captain America and Spiderman)
  • Christopher Ivy (Daredevil, Avengers and Hulk).
  • Emily Kanalz (Spiderman and X-Men).

«This goes further»

According to the editor of 100% Cristão Publisher, Sinval Filho, the success the stories of the Bible in the form of comics could bring in the new generations is incalculable.

“This type of work goes beyond the age or context limits,” says Filho, referring to the fact that the work is not only dedicated to young people but also for all ages.

The language used in the Bible is completely attached to the original, with an excellent presentation made by writers.

«It’s a creative way to put the Bible in people’s hands»

Three famous writers worked on this project: Pastor Art Ayris, CEO of Kingstone Comics, Ben Avery, author of the first adaptation of Game of Thrones in comics and Randy Alcorn, an outstanding figure in the comic strip industry.

“The Kingstone Bible does not replace a normal Bible, but it will possibly be the first Bible for many passionate comic fans who will approach biblical stories for the first time,” says the author of approving the material, Paulo Teixeira of the Biblical Society from Brazil.

“This is a creative way to put the Bible in people’s hands, minds and hearts. It is a monumental work that will attract readers of all ages to the biblical message and, especially, to the new generations,” he concludes.

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