Father prays 20 years for the return of his son to church, and celebrates it with his baptism

The baptism of Wedson Nascimento Souza took place in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia; and the emotional hug between his father and him touched the hearts of those who attended the event.

Wedson’s father, Weldes Souza, could not wait for his son to get out of the water after the baptism. Instead, he met him in the water giving him a hug him with emotion. Because it was the answer to his prayers after spending 20 years believing that God would do the miracle and his son would return to the Church.

My son stopped living with his family and with Christ and spent a lot of time outside. He is my only child, and that was the most difficult moment of my life. But God told me to stand up and pray, ”Weldes told Adventist News.

Weldes faced the same questions of faith as his son. He was raised by a family that attended the Seventh-day Adventist Church but also left the community. Although he was away from the church for a long time, the members kept praying and contacting him.

«I have been praying because I have been there. I didn’t want my son to deviate from Jesus’ path, ”said Weldes. He returned to walk with Christ in 1997.

I was always in the church, I didn’t miss a prayer service. In the first 10 years of intercession, the answer did not come and I had the feeling that the trip did not seem to make sense. But I kept praying, and today I celebrate Wedson’s return to God, ”Weldes said.

A very special moment

For Wedson, the moment his father entered the water to hug him was exciting. “It was a hug from those we can’t resist. It seemed that the angels hugged us both, ” the young man said.

My father is a hero. Many times I saw him praying. He often came to my room at dawn to wake me up for us to pray. He is my example to never turn our backs, because God never turns his back on us,Wedson added.


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