Famous Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg affirms that his faith in Jesus is the most important thing in his life

Mark Wahlberg shared that faith is the most important in his life.

The actor and producer said in an interview with Caron Butler, that above all things, he begins his day with a prayer.

Faith is the most important thing. That’s how I start my day every day. By the time I open my eyes before I turn the light on or do anything, I am kind of saying my prayers. I go in my prayer room and take that 15 or 20 minutes to express how grateful I am,Wahlberg said.

“Also to pray for all the people that I have in my life and the people that I’ve encountered along the way. The people who have been positive in my life. The people who I know are going through hard times in sickness. That’s how I start my day and then I read my prayer book,” he added.

Mark recognized that despite all the mistakes he has made, his life improved when he began to focus on his faith.

When I started focusing on my faith, good things started happening for me in my life. In my teens, I said okay, ‘The only way to do this is the right way. You can’t cut corners in life. You might get away with it here or there but ultimately if you want anything with real substance, with a real solid foundation…you have to work,” Wahlberg explained.

We all make mistakes. Patience is not my specialty but working on that, being a dad, wanting to be the best dad I can be and the best example,” he wrote when posting a video to his followers on social media.

Through the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, the actor raises funds to and supports inner-city kids through multiple organizations.

I know that God didn’t bless me with all this to say, ‘forget about where you came from and just go off and do you and have a great life.’ There is now an opportunity and responsibility to give back and inspire other people to say no matter where you come from or what obstacles you may face, if you actually go and do the right thing…good things will happen for you,” he said.

Wahlberg affirmed that his faith allows him to cope with adversity and has given him a sense of purpose.

Knowing how to deal with loss, disappointments, sickness, all those things…it’s everything. My faith is everything,” he noted.

“No matter what, if you live to be 110, it’s still a very short life. So, I have this wonderful idea that I’ll be able to see my dad again and if you do good in this life, there is a heaven, there is a better place,” he expressed.

Mark wants to leave a legacy of how he used God’s blessings in the right way.

“I’ve taken and used the blessings and the gifts that God has given me in the way that He wanted and I could be a good servant, a good father, husband, son, friend, neighbor, a leader and a follower to those who are really serving,” the actor concluded.


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