Experts reveal which blood group is more likely to contract coronavirus

A team of scientists from China determined that people with blood group “A” are the most likely to contract the coronavirus Covid-19.

Blood samples (Referential image)

To determine this, they compared the blood group of 2.173 covid-19 patients from 3 hospitals in Wuhan and Shenzhen to healthy people from the same regions.

In the group of 3.694 “healthy people” in Wuhan 33.84% had group O, 32.16% had group A, 24.9% had group B and 9.1% were group AB ; While of the 775 covid-19 patients in a Wuhan hospital 37.75% had group A, 26.42% group B, 25.8% group O and 10.03% group AB.

The study was published on the MedRxiv portal, used by health researchers to share preliminary conclusions that have not yet been published in an academic journal or reviewed by other scientists.

According to the study, those who have blood group O are the least at risk compared to groups A, B and AB. The researchers added that age and sex did not influence the distribution of blood groups in those infected.

53% of the deceased had blood group “A”

Of the 206 patients analyzed who died in Wuhan, 85 belonged to blood group A, 63% more than the 52 with group O, according to the South China Morning Post. The pattern remained that way among people of different ages and sex.

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