Evangelist Todd White publicly repents for not having preached ‘the whole Gospel’

During a message delivered Sunday, evangelist and leader of Lifestyle Christianity, Todd White, publicly repented for not having preached the whole Gospel.

White revealed he recently went through a hard season and God showed him the importance letting people know they are sinners and need a savior.

“If people don’t know they’re sinners, they won’t see their need for a Savior. This is hard for people.

Questioning his own Christian life, the pastor repent for not preaching the whole reality of the Gospel of Christ.

This is hard for me, because I feel like I haven’t preached the whole Gospel. And I repent. I repent. You have no idea,” the Lifestyle Christianity leader said.

“Pruning every branch”

“I’m convicted. I am not perfect but I am strongly convicted. I feel like I just met Jesus again. There’s just this rekindled thing inside of me. This has been the hardest season of my life. I’m like, ‘Lord, what are you doing?’ He said ‘I’m pruning every branch that you have.’ I’m like, ‘It’s not OK. It hurts.’ And He said, ‘If you were dead, it wouldn’t hurt. There are parts of you that need to die, so I’m going to kill them.’”

Dangers of embracing Christianity for wrong purposes

White explained that if a person receive the Gospel only hoping to get a better lile by receiving only God’s benefits, that person is living a wrong Gospel.

“When you come into the Gospel because you come in for a better life, you’ve come in for the wrong Gospel. When you come to Jesus because He’s going to give you this and give you this, you really didn’t surrender,” he stressed.

The Bible says we are “dead” in our sin, White said. “We have to somehow get to people and not just promise them a better flight. Am I the only one that’s convicted to the core? This isn’t legalism, it’s the truth. There is a day of wrath coming. It’s no joke.”

“We do not have a license to live however we want”

During his emotional message, While said that Christians should live according to the Bible to be like Jesus.

“We do not have a license to live however we want. That’s not true. That’s not the Gospel. We live like Christ, we be imitators of God.”

“If we don’t see that we sinned against a holy God, there really can’t be repentance, and that’s it. Totally different. Who is this Todd guy? This Todd guy got hammered by the Lord. He’s still doing. It’s a hammering and pruning and it’s a good thing. He loves me. We’re about to step into something beautiful and wonderful.”

“We have to get it right, our foundation has to be completely solid, and there can’t be any holes. This is the Gospel,” the evangelist concluded.


Source: The Christian Post 

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